Bus driver distracted fiddling with headphones mounts pavement

The recordings were taken from cameras, one of which was filmed through the windshield of the bus, the second recorded what was happening in the cabin.

The video, filmed by the second camera, if look closely, shows the driver fiddling with headphones, unwinding the wire, inserting the earpiece into his ear and at the last moment sharply turns the steering wheel to the right.

Recall that 9 people were injured in the accident, a 15-year-old girl suffered a severe head injury, a 19-year-old boy was injured in a moderate degree of severity, the condition of the other victims was assessed as mild. Eyewitnesses said that from the impact one of the passengers flew out of the seat and the body broke a glass partition in the cabin. All the victims were taken to hospitals in Jerusalem.


By: MickeyBoy (1792.70)

Tags: bus, driver, headphones, crash, injuries, Vehicles, Accident

Location: jerusalem