Colorized - Monroe

2019/2020 geeks colorizing old b&w film.

"Some Like It Hot" was a b&w film, these are century21 colorizations.

First film is from Aug 2019.
Second is from about 12hrs ago, and could be the source.
That one has zero YT views, so could be pulled at any time.;list=PL6hajrZOoVLeRStTgkIcklXdTnYSq2AUJ&index=2&t=53s;list=PL6hajrZOoVLeRStTgkIcklXdTnYSq2AUJ&index=3&t=66s

A pure color bleach would be obvious (eg sepia filter).
These have some blue (not much green), and vary in quality.
Still, not bad considering the entire source is pure black and white.


By: ommadammo (2290.30)

Tags: b&w film, colorized, Monroe