A Sunday drive during Coronavirus lockdown.

My first appearance on LL, I need a teleprompter or a script at least. On my day off I decided to film a relaxing drive through the empty streets of Bloemfontein, South Africa. This is an old White city slowly turning Black. Before the Anglo-Boer War this was the capital of a sovereign country, the Republic of the Orange Free State. I'm holding my phone with my right hand and steering, changing gears and using the indicators with my left hand. I visited two old White cemeteries falling into ruin to be with the old ones. The first is the Heroes' Acre, two former Presidents of the Old South Africa and some British and Commonwealth soldiers lie buried here, but it's in a bad part of town, only the homeless go inside to make fires and to sleep. The second is completely overgrown with weeds now.


By: PotatoCam (909.90)

Tags: Liveleakers, Africa, Corona, lockdown, sightseeing, tourism

Location: South Africa