Body cam videos of violent Wildwood beach arrest shows punching, spitting

Police have made three public body camera videos showing the encounter and violent arrest of a woman cited for underage drinking in Wildwood over the Memorial Day weekend.

The incident gained global attention over the weekend when a bystander posted video to social media showing an officer punching Emily Weinman in the head during the arrest.

Weinman, 20, of Philadelphia, was charged with assault officers, kicking and spitting on them during the encounter.

The body camera footage released Wednesday afternoon shows an officer as he confronts and argues with Weinman over the discovery of alcoholic iced tea drinks in her possession. She was visiting the beach with her 18-month-old child and her boyfriend.

The situation escalates as Weinman refuses to give the officer her last name.

"You don't need my last name," she says as she starts to walk away from him.

"Alright, that's it. I'm done with you," the officer responds. He asks another officer for handcuffs and Weinman declares, "Don't (expletive) touch me."

"You're about to get dropped," the officer responds.

When he tries to arrest her, she resists and hurls expletives as they struggle in the sand.

The officer punches the women as she resists.


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