WoFat Threading the Inevitable Collision Needle

There was a car in #1 lane maybe 15 feet behind off left quarter panel when this went down. Noticed car in #3 lane maintaining straight trajectory when going into a curve and reviewed my options. Light sprinkling so traction is iffy. The moment he locked brakes and began his pirouette I checked side mirror and saw there wasn't much room as there was a white car along side and another close behind him. Had no options as spinner crossed my lane than to jump into that lane. Talk about maintaining your cool in a crisis situation. (Line out of a Schwarzenegger movie but I can't recall which one.) Forty minutes from event occurrence to LL posting doesn't get any fresher than that.


By: WoFat (5211.20)

Tags: spinout, rain, needle, close call, Houston, keeping your cool

Location: Houston