Worker uses a co-worker as a human shield by a man with a knife

Images from CCTV on 29 January 2019 from a convenience store in Sida District Nakhon Ratchasima In a minute, the villain is a man wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, wearing a mask to hide his face. Doing in the purchase of goods in a convenience store Before pulling out the knife, threatening the convenience store staff

After that the villain Got into the counter Using a knife to pierce Mr. Manasan Thongtala, a convenience store employee was seriously injured. Before driving a motorcycle without the license plate escape Without having any assets

Initially, the rescue brought the injured person to the hospital, found that there were stab wounds in the abdomen, having to sew 6 needles. The latest symptoms were safe. The doctor allowed him to go home. The villain is still following the police.



By: stainless (40535.30)


Location: Sida District, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand