Antifa Scumbags Have Their Faces Polished

What you did not see on main stream media television:
This happened yesterday in Bologna Italy.

Yesterday there was a violent clash of Antifa supporters and the Italian police in the Italian city of Bologna. The police tried to stem the demonstrators gathered to protest the visit of the Forza Nuova founder Roberto Fiore. He held a rally at Galvani Square ahead of the European elections.
When the activists tried to break the chain of police, they rebuked and pushed back with the help of batons. From the protest crowd repeatedly flew objects in the direction of the police. Fiore, wants to be re-elected to the European Parliament in the elections on 23 and 26 May.


By: Arno Winkelried (2694.20)

Tags: Bologna, Italy, news, politics, wtf, violence, antifa, leftist scumbags

Location: Bologna, Italy