Paragliders rescued by authorities after getting stuck in tree in India

Fire brigade personnel rescued two young people after their paraglider got stuck atop some pine trees in northern India's Himachal Pradesh.

The incident took place at a forest below Indrunag Hill near the city Dharamshala in Kangra district on July 15.

According to reports, the duo were flying in tandem.

However, their paraglider crashed soon after takeoff from the Indrunag Hill, which left them stuck on the tree for at least two hours.

Meanwhile, the fire brigade team and police personnel reached the spot to rescue the youths.

The fire department team led by Shiv Charan Das used ropes and a ladder to bring them to the ground.

Footage shows officials climbing the tree using a ladder and bringing down the youths safely to the ground.

Locals helped the officials and successfully rescued the pilots after a two-hour-long operation.

Eyewitnesses said the paragliders did not get thermal - warm wind that lifts the paraglider upwards - owing to the cloudy weather.

According to Ajay, one of the paragliders, a change in wind direction and velocity led to the tragic accident.

Tandem paragliding is popular in Dharamshala and is gaining popularity among the young people in the area.

Local reports suggest the duo are safe and did not suffer any injuries.



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