On The Frontlines

On The Frontlines


Dima Sadek, a famed Lebanese broadcast journalist, was subjected to an online harassment campaign that almost caused her to lose her life.

The journalist has experienced ample harassment before, but the situation escalated last month when fake pictures of her in compromising situations were sent to her .

Sadek's had to be hospitalised after suffering a stroke shortly after receiving the images.

Many broadcasters and print newspapers are directly owned by the ruling political parties or by businessmen with links to local and regional governments.

Even more independent outlets, such as MTV and LBCI are seen as compromised, as they are mostly owned by tycoons friendly to politicians.

"The reasons for my exclusion are political, something I do not accept in times of revolution or any other time," she said on her personal Twitter account after announcing her resignation last week.

Sadek believes that she was targeted due to her anti-government stance and her defiance of the country's sectarian lines, making her a perfect target for pro-government online trolls.



By: Joe Pisciotta (264.10)

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