Egyptian boxers extreme training routine involves punching metal gas tanks

Footage shows a super-tough young boxer strengthening his knuckles - by using a gas tank instead of a punching bag to practice throwing jabs.

Mahmoud Jama, 18, from Al Minufiyah, Egypt dreams of becoming a champion so he undergoes extreme training with whatever material is available to condition his punches.

He said: "I am now looking for someone to train me, maybe from a foreign country so I can learn other techniques.

''I have the strongest hands in Egypt but I need to improve my footwork.''

The young athlete added that he usually beats iron objects, brick walls, wood, and marble to make his fists stronger.

This practice had earned him the nickname "Iron Hands" and some people working in the sports industry have started scouting him.

His video was taken outside their house in Birket El-Sab village on May 11.


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Location: Egypt