Scary moment couple in car get caught out by tidal surge during Storm Dennis

This is the scary moment a driver and his wife got caught out by a sudden tidal surge during Storm Dennis.

Video shows the driver parked on Benone beach in Northern Ireland, surrounded by other vehicles, when a storm surge comes on shore and motorists frantically try to escape before their cars are engulfed by rushing water.

"We’re caught out," says driver Martin as he and his wife see another car get surrounded by water.

"How we gonna ... ?" asks his wife.

"Sit your ground," says Martin.

"Do what? MARTIN!" says his wife, now panicked by the onrushing seawater.

"Wait for it to go out again. Hope we don’t sink in. There’s no point fighting in," Martin says,

"Did you see how quickly that came in there? It’s going back out," says Martin's wife, relieved.

"If we get stuck in this sand, we’re screwed!" Martin adds, before the danger passes.

"That’s scary! I can’t believe that happened," says Martin's wife as the car is able to be driven away.


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Location: Norther Ireland