'Stand your ground' killer is sentenced to 20 years for shooting dead an unarmed black man

Michael Drejka, 49, was sentenced on Thursday over the July 2018 death of Markeis McGlockton, 28, outside a store in Clearwater, Florida.
The clearly mutt, blood diluted "aryan" white man has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for shooting dead an unarmed black man outside a Florida convenience store after an argument over a handicap parking space.
Drejka had tried to use Florida's pathetic 'stand your ground' law as his defense.
Judge Joseph Bulone on Thursday called Drejka a 'wanna-be' police officer and a self-appointed 'handicapped parking space monitor' (Judge clearly forgot to call him a multiple account wannabe LiveLeaker trumpturd).
Drejka, who was found guilty of manslaughter in August, had told detectives he was irritated by people who illegally park in handicapped spots when he encountered McGlockton last year.
He confronted McGlockton's girlfriend Britany Jacobs for parking in a handicapped space at the Clearwater convenience store.
McGlockton had gone inside the store with his five-year-old son.
As the confrontation continued, a customer went into the store and alerted McGlockton.
Security video captured McGlockton leaving the store and shoving Drejka to the ground.
Seconds later, Drejka pulled out a handgun and shot McGlockton as he backed away.
The judge said he found it most ironic that Drejka drove up, illegally parked next to Jacobs' car and then confronted her about parking illegally in a handicapped space.

'He just seems to come out of nowhere, kind of like a superhero, to see that he enforces the handicapped parking spot,' Bulone said.

Ahead of his sentencing, McGlockton's girlfriend and the mother of his four children, Britany Jacobs, urged the judge to impose a maximum sentence of 30 years.
During the trial, Drejka's attorney argued that he thought he was in danger when he was pushed to the ground, typical argument among the coward trumpturds who tend to run their greasy, fat, cum dripping mouth but their fat arse can't cash, without their gun stuck inside their arses, using as well as their dildo loaded with a million grain bullets
But prosecutors said surveillance footage of the incident proved that Drejka fired without assessing the risks, itching to pull the trigger something that in the past tried with other people who denounce him for pulling a gun to them, until finally happen



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