Italy: the abandoned island

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Also known as the island of the dead or cursed island.

The island, inhabited until 1379, the year of the ********* War, was definitively abandoned to make way for a military camp. In the eighteenth century, however, with the spread of the plague, ******** was transformed into a real cemetery: it is counted that more than 150,000 bodies were burned and buried here.
Since then, the chronicles on the disturbing apparitions of ******** began, which intensified more and more. The history of the island then resumes in 1922 when it was decided to build a mental hospital there. The director, a mad lobotomizer, committed suicide by jumping from the building's tower in 1946, the year in which ********** was definitively uninhabited and closed to the public. Today the island is the subject of numerous investigations into the paranormal and, who has been there, reported having witnessed disturbing facts.


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