Girl retches and gags attempting 'surströmming challenge'

Surströmming, or Swedish sour herring, is one of the most pungent foods in the world. The fermented fish is stored for months marinading in its own bacteria, and is so smelly that locals advise opening the can underwater.

A group of friends in Devon, southwest England, took it upon themselves to attempt to sample the "delicacy", with one girl, Klee G, accepting the challenge of eating the entire can.

However, she starts heaving immediately as the can is opened.

Klee G manages to make it partway through the can before being physically sick, but still persists until everything is finished.

Devonshire Idiot & Co is composed of Nick F, Simon C and Klee G, with all three attempting bizarre and often gruelling food challenges, "eating things so you don't have to," as they say.



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