White supremacy is it LL or are these shit stains being promoted by trump or not

Matthew Heimbach, a prominent US neo-nazi, has been arrested on charges of domestic violence, amid a series of events that signal a possible fraying of the modern white nationalist movement in America.

Heimbach, whose Traditionalist Worker party group’s slogan is “Fighting for faith, family and folk”, was released from a county jail in Indiana on a $1,000 bond on Tuesday.

He had been arrested after a fracas where, according to a police report obtained by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), he attacked his wife and also choked into unconsciousness his group’s co-founder – who happens also to be the husband of Heimbach’s mistress.

America's dark underbelly: I watched the rise of white nationalism
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The incident occurred just days after images appeared of Heimbach, teeth gritted, grappling with an anti-Nazi protester on the campus of Michigan State University, where chaos ensued over an appearance by the white nationalist leader Richard Spencer.

And after Heimbach’s arrest in the early hours of Tuesday, the Traditionalist Workers party (TWP) spokesman and co-founder, Matt Parrott, whom Heimbach is accused of choking, told the SPLC he was leaving the group, and pulled the TWP website.

The incident followed a series of developments among the self-styled “alt-right” in the US, a euphemism for a new breed of white supremacists who shocked the world when a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last summer, featured Nazi-style salutes and chanting and turned extremely violent, leading to the death of an anti-racism activist, Heather Heyer.

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Yes but trump supports has mired republickcunts because of it
Yes but in spite of trump these cunts are history
No trump has embraced supremacy and it’s embolden everywhere


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