Storm rips roof from indoor food market in Thailand

CCTV footage captured the moment strong winds from a storm smashed into a market in Thailand.

Gusts tore off the metal roof and damaged the market's wooden structure in Phetchabun province on November 26 afternoon.

When the force hit, the grocery items swayed with the wind and while the roof was being ripped off, the sun shone into the store.

According to the sellers, the storm lasted about 10 minutes but had broken down most of the wooden structure that was originally kept to shade the buyers.

The merchant, Boonsom Greekongkha, 59 said: "When the wind hit, I saw the market umbrellas tumbling out. It was so strong but short-lived. Luckily it happened in the afternoon, there weren't many people."


By: NewsFlare (104265.00)

Tags: WTF, storm, rips, through, roof, indoor food market

Location: Thailand