Felon posing as a Chicago police officer fatally shoots a suspected shoplifter in the face at a store

A man has been charged with posing as a ChIraq, um, Chicago police officer and fatally shooting a suspected shoplifter in the face at a Walgreens store.
Louis Hicks Jr., 33, had pretended to work in law enforcement at the W. Fullerton Ave. store many times before, prosecutors said.
Cook County prosecutors said Friday that he has never worked as a police officer, in Chicago or elsewhere.
On June 12th the convicted felon and suspended security guard responded to a call from the store's shift leader - who is no longer with Walgreens - who needed help with a suspected shoplifter.
Hicks had allegedly told the staffer to call him if ever needed help in the store, stating that he lived close by and was a police officer.

When he got to the store that night he allegedly detained disabled mother-of-five Sircie Varnado, 46, before bringing her to the ground after a struggle, firing a single shot into her face, prosecutors said.

It is alleged that he had been announcing he was a police officer when he had the victim in a choke hold.
Prosecutors added that after he fired the shot, he picked up the bullet casing and then left the store on the Northwest Side of the city. He handed himself into police Wednesday.
Hicks was ordered held without bond for first-degree murder, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and impersonating a police officer charges, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.
Prosecutors said the shift leader trusted Hicks because he had helped out with security situations before, even handcuffing a 'habitual shoplifter' a year ago.
Over the next year, it is alleged, the shift leader saw Hicks in the store with a gun and badge on several occasions.

Hicks had worked for SEB Security, but was never deployed at the Walgreens store.
He was suspended from his post there when he chased a suspected shoplifter into a parking lot on Jan. 6 before tackling and handcuffing the person in violation of company policy, prosecutors said.
Hicks was convicted of felony burglary in 2003, making his possession of a gun illegal. He is expected to appear in court again on July 9.


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