Brave bus inspector fends off knife-wielding passenger in China

A brave bus inspector fought with a man stabbing passengers in Beijing on September 5.

The heroic video shows a man in camouflage clothing leaving his seat and walking to the front in a bus.

After he and another man crashed into each other, he suddenly took out a knife to stab the man.

The inspector named Li Bin on the bus ran to stop the knife-wielding man immediately and fought with him to try and grab the weapon.

The bus driver named Qiao Yanjun stopped the vehicle and opened the door to let the passengers leave before joining Li to try to grab the knife from the criminal.

After the police arrived, they helped Li and Qiao control the knife-wielding man and took him away.

Li suffered injures and the case is being investigated, reports said.


By: NewsFlare (94620.00)

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Location: China