2nd articulation

Hello people. What do we have? We seem to have protests in Hong Kong. What else? A few more inspired protests in strange places. Some citrus fruit peels on the desk. And like always, some fragmented and pulverized fags. And even more so, some notes floating. What else? Elon Musk with his crazy projects? Although that's old news. But I am not the follower type, are ? And of course people, and your complex plans. And mine too. Could I possibly ramble my way to some understanding of the effect of surrounding happenings upon those of our own? Excuse me for the not so smooth flow but I am not water. We also got cryptocurrencies. Facebook is trying to make some digital currency thing too? I don't know, I don't really see anything groundbreaking, it all seems to be the same shit. But still I feel the need to express something. Let's articulate in the real sense for a moment, although I suspect this is not a definition of that word. But still, to relieve the mind.

Cars hiss and here I sit
Tap the key and sip the tea
Such bliss and I still can't fit
Drag a fag and let it free

Okay, we still got the thieves on the bikes and everyone seems to be a cop in Brazil. Don't they have their freedom with that sugar derived fuel and good weather and pretty women? People will always go out of their way to wreck their own lives. What about Hong Kong? Let's say I was born there. Would I go out to the streets and wreck havoc? It's hard for me to say. The history of the place is rather messed up. But if a person was born there and lived there their entire life, and a new regime is incoming, it is not that hard to imagine they would rage. It is sad. It looks like a big part of the police would feel the same. But what can they do? It is their job. And they would not quit, hoping that they could steer the situation for the better. And the firefighters and the like. It is truly sad but it is just our stupid nature. On the other hand, if they succeed, it will show that even a big regime can be suppressed by a sheer amount of determination. You know, things are always doomed to happen. No matter how careless we are. In terms of the utopian root cause... We have ordinary people working, paying their taxes and mindless governments working in their mysterious ways. Building highways and arming brainless soldiers. Building their imaginary power to carry out their orders. Will that ever change? Or is that even an influence? Elon Musk wants to build a satellite interface for the internet that's easily accessible. I would expect it to be at least partially free. That would perhaps go around the information shaping of countries like China and Iran. Cryptocurrencies might help too to relieve some of that excess power from the government to the people. Although in the current state it seems complicated. European Union collapsing will most likely be for the better too. Even if in a few decades we wind up with powerless governments and people strolling around on Mars, there will still probably be ways of squeezing the life out of people. I am not even sure anymore what is all this crap I'm mumbling about. But it is easy not to care when you are all fine. I'm pretty sure those bastards in Brazil or the rioters in HK would much rather go about their shitty life instead of shooting each other and throwing rocks at each other and shit. I'm sure we all enjoy being here to some extent. So I just hope we all try to help ourselves and others to be able to do that. I know, there are people bored with life. Who see no meaning. Being here is not easy. There are those who give up to their desires and throw their life away in the gutter. But I'm sure most of people here on LiveLeak are smart and reasonable people who enjoy this place and don't want to witness or experience the shit that's happening in those videos. Well, I must be running out of smoky breath, just a little rant with no meaning whatsoever. Enjoy yourselves.


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