“They saved my grandfather”: a stormy stream washed away a car with a driver.

On Saturday, August 24, police officers and eyewitnesses rescued a driver whose car was blown into the river near the village of Smolyaninovo, Shkotovsky District, Primorsky Territory.

According to media reports, the 69-year-old man who drove the Mazda MPV tried to drive a flooded stretch of road. At the same time, he ignored the ban of law enforcement officers to travel to a dangerous place.

A stormy stream caught the vehicle and dragged it into the river. The men who arrived in time managed to evacuate the driver before the car was finally carried away by the current.

As previously reported , due to heavy rainfall on August 22 and 23, a storm warning was announced in the region. In addition, an emergency mode was introduced in Nakhodka .


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Location: Primorsky Krai, Russia