Motorcyclist terrified after snake pokes out of the bike while riding

A terrified motorcycle rider nearly crashed after seeing a snake coming out of the bike.

Supatra Srisunan, 29, was riding home in Pattaya, eastern Thailand, when the reptile poked its head from the front steering columm on Tuesday afternoon (May 19).

The snake was just a few inches from Supatra's hands and she screamed with fright.

The shop assistant quickly pulled over and ran away from her bike before calling her boyfriend to come and catch the snake.

The found the tree snake hiding deep inside the bike and sprayed mosquito repellent onto. They the pulled the reptile out and released it into nearby bushes.

Supatra said she had to be driven home home by her boyfriend as she was too scared to climb back onto her back.

She said: "The incident had terrified me so much that I could not ride home by myself. I've always been scared of snakes and never wanted to get close to them. Then today it happened and I didn't cope with it well."



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Location: Thailand