Brainwashed trumpturd is arrested for flashing a loaded gun at an 18-year-old woman because she had different bumper sticker

Minnesota police have detained a Comrade Trump fanatic who allegedly pointed a loaded gun at a Elizabeth Warren supporter after she pointed out that they both had bumper stickers for their favored politician.
The Moorehead Police Department shared on Monday that 27-year-old Joseph Schumacher was arrested and charged with two counts of felony terroristic threats.
He was also charged with misdemeanor charges for having a loaded handgun inside his vehicle without a permit, police said in the Monday release shared.
Authorities were dispatched to the intersection of 24 Avenue and 8 Street South near Concordia College at approximately 12.08pm for a disturbance call.
The woman who called shared that she was driving when Schumacher pulled up next to her and rolled down his window.
Schumacher is said to have begun yelling at the woman, expressing his disdain for the Warren sticker that she had on her vehicle.
Thee suspect is said to have then held up a handgun from inside his vehicle.

Authorities found Schumacher at a nearby business in the Brookdale Shopping Center and found a box for a handgun in plain view, inside the vehicle.
Officers found the loaded handgun in his center compartment.
A passenger riding with Schumacher corroborated the woman's story, prompting authorities to detain the suspect.
He was booked at the Clay County Jail.
The 18-year-old Moorehead woman was not identified.


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Location: Minnesota, USA