Three dogs rescued after getting trapped in concrete hole in the Philippines

This is the heartwarming moment that three dogs were rescued after being trapped in a deep hole.

Boggs Goli Raymuno rushed with his friend to help him save the dogs found under a concrete canal in Paranaque City in Metro Manila, the Philippines.

The animal lover travelled 10 miles and missed two days of work to help free the starving and dehydrated dogs.

On the first day of the rescue, they gave the animals food and water through the small gap in the canal wall as they planned a way to reach them.

Boggs said: "We could not just wreck the road to take them out as we would need to ask for several permits for that. But time was running out to save them.''

On the second day, Boggs took leave from work again and used a long rope with a noose tied at its end.

With the help of his friend, they widened the gap on the concrete floor using a hammer so they could reach inside and take the dogs out.

He secured the noose on the bodies of the dogs before pulling them up one by one. Aside from exhaustion and hunger, the dogs were not seriously injured.

Boggs added that the dogs may have wandered from the sewers and were lost trying to find their way out.

He said: "It's a good thing we found them, they could have starved if my friend did not hear their barks."

The three white dogs were taken to a local animal shelter where they will live until someone comes to adopt them.


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