Buffalo Police Department says taser pilot program saved man's life

Body camera footage of police officers pointing a taser at an individual, an action they say de-escalated the situation-- possibly saving the individual's life.

Buffalo police officials say a pilot program is being tested by the department that gives tasers to officers in the B District.

Police say officers were dispatched to a home on the west side of Buffalo Wednesday night around 11:40 p.m. According to officers, two people inside the home were trying to calm down a man who had a knife.

At one point, the video shows the man lunged at the officers while they were inside the kitchen. The officers ran back into the living room, where they continued to talk to the man.

One officer then drew a taser, asking the man to drop the knife. The man eventually complied with the officer's request.

Buffalo police officials say the pilot program being tested by the department saved the life of the man in the video. In a normal situation, police say they would have possibly used a gun.

Both officers are being heralded by the department for their restraint.



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