Iraq refugees in Greece stand in solidarity following deadly protests in Baghdad

Iraqi refugees gathered in Thessaloniki, Greece Tuesday evening (November 5) to stand in solidarity after deadly protests broke out in their home country this week.

At least six protesters were killed on Monday in Baghdad as security forces used live rounds. One protester was also killed in Shatra, a town in the south, on Monday. Overnight, security forces killed two more people and wounded 12 in Shatra, security and medical sources said.

Among the protestors in Greece were families, youngsters, and teenagers who fled the country for a better future in Europe but now worrying about the escalating situation back home.

"[The] first one responsible for all [of this] is America because they destroyed Iraq before" says a man from Iraq on camera at around 2:45 in the video.

The protest continued at the main street of the Greek city with Iraqi holding flags and banners saying "Save Iraq" both in Arabic and English


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