Hockey confusion in Russia

On January 5th, 2020, team Canada won a final match against Russia in the U20 World Youth Hockey Championship, which took place in Czechia.

However, during the finals, Russian main sports channel Match TV was showing the final of a similar tournament from 2011, in which the Russian team beat the Canadians with a score of 5: 3.

Nevertheless, many spectators did not pay attention to this, and after the final siren they began to congratulate the hockey players on their victory. At the same time, the Russian team lost to Canadians with a score of 4: 3.

Among others, the famous player of the Moscow Lokomotiv Dmitry Tarasov twitted “Boys, you are handsome, congrats with victory!”. He later deleted the entry.

Not only ordinary people fell victim to confusion. The chairman of the Russian Parliament committee on sports, Mikhail Degtyarev also congratulated the Russian team on the championship gold.

The most ironic reaction to this mistake was on the official telegram channel “Moscow 24”. “We are here in a parallel universe, where our team won 5: 3,” apologized for their mistake the TV channel.


By: Xyecoc (1601.68)

Tags: Hockey, Russia, Putin, Ukraine

Location: Ostrava, Czechia