Deer hunter shoots a runner in the leg

Guards of order from Sweden announced footage of an unusual incident that happened last fall on the territory of the municipality of Klippan, located in Skåne district in the south of the country.

At about half past four in the morning on November 29, 75-year-old Olle Rosdal went for a run and suddenly got shot in the leg. As it turned out, he was shot by a 48-year-old hunter from Norway.

The detainee claims that he fired at the roe deer, taking for it a lover of a healthy lifestyle.

According to local media, the shooter faces prosecution and charges of attempting to commit premeditated murder. The man to this day denies the criminal background of the incident, however, representatives of the investigation, having familiarized themselves with the recording of the moment of shooting, consider otherwise.

Thus, in the opinion of the prosecutor, the silhouette of a person who is simply impossible to confuse with roe deer is clearly visible at the shooting. At the same time, law enforcement officers admit that they still can not find any possible motives for the crime.

In addition to the judicial analysis of the episode with a wounded man, the Norwegian will have to answer for the use of prohibited methods of hunting, including the use of a thermal imager.


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