Battered Woman Threaten Violence When She Has To Pay Her Fair

****If you have a problem with vertical videos, then fuck off, pretty simple*********
Yeah This happened tonight, a privileged black female told the conductor she is a battered woman on her way to a woman's shelter in Princeton NJ and she was not getting off the train. When we arrived at north Philly, the Amtrak Police office came on board to escort the woman off and that is when she started threaten and scream vulgar language and talking about the cops dick size (typical). I was trying not to draw attention to myself recording in case it escalated into something more. At 2:20 some liberal, white guilt filled boomer cuck behind me saw what I was doing and had an issue with it.
so I am also delivering what I promised to him, making him into a meme, Enjoy lads.



By: AlphaDoucheBag (1151.10)

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Location: philadelphia, PA