Drug dealer dad, goes for a swim in his car, with his children inside

Bystanders have captured the moment a man being pursued by police drove his car into a lake with his two young children in the backseat.
The incident occurred in Pasco County, Florida on Thursday afternoon after an officer tried to stop the vehicle for a window tint violation on Highway 19.
The driver instead attempted to flee the scene, causing the cop to commence a high-speed chase.
Dashcam video released by the Pasco County Sheriff's Department shows the gold sedan turning off the highway and speeding through suburban streets in a bid to outpace police.
However, the driver soon realizes he will not be able to evade capture and instead accelerates into a lake located in the middle of a housing estate.
The video shows a woman opening the passenger side door and attempting to swim free.
Bystanders who were laughing at the spectacle soon turned serious when they realized that the driver and the passenger weren't the only occupants inside the car.
Quickly things got very serious. The crying kids were pulled from the backseat of the car before being taken ashore by the Good Samaritans who came to their aid
Police on the scene were then able to detain the trumpturd driver and the passenger, placing them in handcuffs once they swam to the shore.
Officers also found a bag of crystal meth (commonly used by trumpturds) floating by the car in the lake.
The driver has been identified as Jonathan Mark DeLoach, 30 - known drug dealer and had several warrants out for his arrest.
He was arrested at the scene on several charges, including child abuse, possession of methamphetamine, driving with a suspended license, and reckless driving.

He is currently being held in custody


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