Russian Rambo

Only this one is real person and his story is pretty extraordinary.

Anatoly Lebed, Guards Lieutenant Colonel in Special Airborne Forces, and an officer of the 45th Guards Spetsnaz Regiment was born in Estonia in 1963. Joined Soviet Army in 1981 serving in 44th Airborne Division and 57th Independent Air Assault Brigade. In 1986 he graduated military aviation technical school as a flight engineer. Went in to Afghanistan serving in a helicopter regiment. After Afghan war and dissolution of Soviet Union he was relieved from army, briefly working in civilian jobs but when USA attacked Yugoslavia in 90ties, he went to fight in Kosovo as a volunteer. After end of that war, he volunteered to fight in Northern Caucasus and when second Chechen war broke out, he enlisted in to Russian Army and fought as a recon squad leader. In 2003 he stepped on a landmine during one of the operations and lost leg, but kept serving with prosthetic leg, still in a recon unit. When pro-American president of Georgia Saakashvili attacked South Ossetia in 2008, he took part in a Russian counterattack that saw Georgian army shatter in two days. Awarded by Order of the Red Star 3 times, Order of Courage 3 times, Order of st. George and Hero of the Russian Federation, among many other Soviet, Russian and Afghan military awards. 7 times wounded, including by a land mine and shrapnel from the RPG grenade. 22 years of military service. Died in a motorcycle accident in Moscow in 2012.

Documentary film about Lebed with English subs:



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