India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomes US President Donald Trump at Houston's Howdy Modi event

I watched this event from Houston today, live, on television. It was a pretty much incredible display of cooperative international political and economic harmony. There are 1,369,534,790 citizens of India (that starts with B, as in a billion). In the elections that swept Prime Minister Modi into power, over 660,000,000 million citizens of India voted for PM Modi.

I figure that you folk on LiveLeak know that there are only roughly 360-370 million citizens in the United States. That's not a negative, just a fact. Listen to the tone and timbre and normative voice of triumph that PM Modi contributes to the international liaisoning of business, culture, and politics that exists between the United States and India, and he and President Donald Trump.

Now, simply listen to the video, and understand the important enormity and austerity of the statements that India's Prime Minister Modi is making. That is what I am asking you to do.......
It is an almost completely spiritual phenomenon that is occurring. And, as any of you yoga aficionados know, India is all about spirituality. They are an important ally in today's modern world.

P.S. Oh yes. And one more thing. Take everything that these anti-Trump and Never-Trump clownshoes bozos say with a grain of salt.


By: Cipher This (2009.30)

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Location: Houston, Texas, USA