US man shoots 3-inch nail into his thigh and films his journey to hospital

A man in Savannah, Georgia managed to impale his thigh with a 3-inch penny nail while working on a pirate ship he was building for kids.

Derek Hinkley was with is friend Chris working on a ship before Hinkley misfired the nail gun and impaled his left thigh on September 27.

Hinkley told Newsflare: "As I kneeled and grabbed it to make a routine move, it [nail gun] brushed my leg and fired. I immediately couldn’t believe what just happened. I think my first words were 'No! No! No!'

"Chris saw what happened and started a mild panic right along with me. Many times in construction things happen you can usually band-aid a problem or simply yank out a sliver of whatever. I quickly realized this would not be a quick extraction in the field.

"I asked him for a pair of pliers to just see if there was any budging the embedded 3-inch nail. There clearly wasn’t. The nails we were using in that gun are ring shanked meaning they have ribs near the end so that they are less likely to pull out of wood.

"Once at the hospital they checked me in quickly and began hooking me up to fluids and started anaesthesia.

"The next few minutes we’re some pretty terrifying ones, probably the most terrifying of my life. The medication, ketamine, took me on a spectacular trip and not a good one.

"Either way I did not feel the pain of the nail being yanked out so at the end of the day I guess it was a good decision.

"When they released me it was about 5 by that time and we only had a little more work to go to be totally finished. We headed back to the job site and I did as much as I could to help Chris finish the pirate ship."


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