An unflappable dog stopped a passenger train

An observation camera at a station near the town of Kartuzy in the Pomeranian Voivodeship in northern Poland captured an unusual incident that occurred on Monday, June 22.

The record shows how a small dog calmly follows the paths. The train driver was notified in advance of the presence of the animal, so he slowed down in advance.

The appearance of the passenger train did not bother the dog at all, which continued to move along the rails, maintaining a pace convenient to him. The locomotive crew was forced to adjust to the speed chosen by the dog, and the train slowly rolled towards the station.

The point in this confrontation was set by a passenger standing on the platform awaiting the arrival of the train. He drove the animal out of the way and sat on the long-awaited train.


By: ThisIsButter (44151.30)

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