Protest at White House after over 50 Palestinians killed protesting Embassy move

The 14th of May marked the opening of Trump's new US Embassy to Israel in Jerusalem. When Palestinians tried to protest with a march to the Apartheid Wall, Israeli snipers and troops opened fire. Reports are that 58 protesters were killed and over 1,000 wounded. In Washington DC, protesters gathered in front of the White House to protest other protesters being shot. The keynote speaker in front of the White House was George McGovern, whose hands and wrists were injured and his arm dislocated by police when he protested on May 9 at torturer Gina Haspell's confirmation hearing as CIA director. Bruises were still clearly visible on his arms from this brazen (though at least not lethal) police brutality.


By: dcdirectactionnews (1822.08)

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Location: Washington DC