A Ukrainian official rammed an intruder’s car and fled from the attackers.

On Monday, the head of the Inspectorate for Improvement of the Dnipro City Council was attacked in his own garage. The official managed to escape from intruders in his car.

The incident occurred in the city of Dnipro on February 17. Ruslan Moroz drove into his garage and was about to get out of his BMW car when a car blocked the path to retreat, from which four men got out and ran into the room.

The official was not at a loss, turned on the reverse gear, pressed the gas, rammed a car of intruders and in full steam went to the nearest gas station, simultaneously calling the police.

For some time the attackers moved after him, but soon disappeared. The police announced the Interception plan, however, according to the Informator publication , it did not bring success.

To date, no attackers have been found, and the cause of the attack has not been announced.



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Location: Dnipro City