My 'aggressive' supermarket cashier is a scorned Becky

"This cashier at the University Ave Safeway forthwith my husband with a greeting as if I wasn't there beside him. My husband told Sue Wong we're doing just fine thank you, how are you, while showing me affection. Sue Wong ignored my husband and began shaking and that's when her attitude became aggressive. The other lady in the deli was also Asian and very mean spirited. I asked the deli lady the same question I asked Sue Wong the cashier, she said she was tired and overworked. Since the divestment movement, I've witnessed more and more mean spirited non-black (Asian) and white women "who swirl," and "don't swirl." They're aggressive, impolite and disrespectful towards divested black women who swirl with white men. You scorned Beckys see the divestment movement and you hate it. I don't give a fuck if you don't like what you see, my husband's preference is me, not you."


By: bklynblke (17196.00)

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