Millennial Princess: Giuliani's daughter breaks with dad to vote for Biden

Enough about me, let's talk about how I feel about my dad. Me me me me me me me!

won't talk about Hunter Biden but they will drag this piece of work out to discredit her own father and thereby discredit the Hunter Biden story as Russian disinformation. Anderson Cooper plays her like the self centered narcissist she is.

It's sad to see someone so selfish that she would allow others to trash her family name and make a fool of her for their own promotion. I guess a sex tape was definitely out of the question.

"I have a difficult confession—something I usually save for at least the second date. My father is Rudy Giuliani. We are multiverses apart, politically and otherwise. I’ve spent a lifetime forging an identity in the arts separate from my last name, so publicly declaring myself as a “Giuliani” feels counterintuitive, but I’ve come to realize that none of us can afford to be silent right now. The stakes are too high. I accept that most people will start reading this piece because you saw the headline with my father’s name. But now that you’re here, I’d like to tell you how urgent I think this moment is."


Por: Mickey McFinnegan (1112.40)

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