Video shows drug suspect fleeing from police, ends in arrest

Incredible body camera footage shows police officers speeding through the streets and sprinting through the woods to capture a man suspected to throwing cocaine out his car window in Macomb County, according to officials.

Drugs thrown from car window
Aniano Arreola-Mora, 27, of Ray Township, fled from Clinton Township police officers around 2:50 p.m. Sunday in the area of Dalcoma Drive and 19 Mile Road, authorities said.

The tan 2003 Cadillac Arreola-Mora was driving had no license plate, and he threw an unknown object out the window during the chase, police said. Officials said the object was later identified as packages of cocaine.

Car chase
Macomb County deputies joined the chase on Garfield Road south of Hall Road, officials said.

The pursuit continued, and as the lead deputy tried to stop Arreola-Mora from going into oncoming traffic in a roundabout at 26 Mile Road and M-53, the patrol vehicle collided with Arreola-Mora's car twice, video shows.

The chase continued into Ray Township with the cars reaching speeds near 90 mph, police said.

Arreola-Mora pulled into a driveway on Ray Center Road and drove through the grass behind the home, video shows. He drove through some tall grass and got out of the vehicle in a wooded area.

Foot chase
Arreola-Mora fled on foot, forcing officers to go into the wooded area and chase him. Bodycam footage from a Macomb County deputy shows the deputy sprinting through the woods, in and out of water, and forcing Arreola-Mora toward other deputies.

He was flushed out of the woods and taken into custody in the adjacent field, video shows.

You can watch the full body camera footage from the car chase and foot chase, as well as dash camera footage from the chase, in the videos below.


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