In Russia, a military helicopter accidentally fired on a residential building

In Russia, a military helicopter of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation accidentally fired a volley at a residential 9-storey building in Chita. No one was killed or injured, the building was slightly damaged.

This was reported by the Baza Telegram channel.

"The incident occurred on March 14 when the ammunition of the Mi-35M helicopter was discharged at the Cheryomushki airfield near Chita. During the on-duty procedure, a malfunction occurred and a gun with a caliber of 23 mm fired," the channel said.

The shell flew nearly a kilometer and a half and crashed into the wall of a residential building. At first, the locals did not even understand what had happened and complained to the Ministry of Emergencies about the “loud bang."

"Arriving units of the Russian Guard, the Ministry of Emergencies and the de-mining team combed the surroundings, examined the house and found damage on the third floor level - where the projectile hit. The explosion damaged the glazing, the floor and the balcony," the channel reports.


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