Airborne Car Soars Over Intersection After Striking a Boulder at High Speed

Angel Ruiz heard what sounded like an explosion early Thursday outside his Long Beach home.

When he walked outside, he was stunned to see the destruction caused by a DUI driver in a BMW who struck a traffic circle at high speed, launching the car into the air and pushing a large landscaping boulder into his parked Camaro.

"It was a big explosion," Ruiz said. "I ran immediately to see if the person was ok. I saw the damage right after. Man, it's really bad. It was mostly the impact from the boulder."

Security cameras in the neighborhood captured the crash. Video shows the BMW flying over the intersection as the boulder rolled into Ruiz's black Camaro.

The boulder pushed Ruiz's car into another vehicle.

Witnesses said the driver appeared confused as she asked questions after the crash. She was taken into custody on suspicion of DUI.

No serious injuries were reported.


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Location: Long Beach