Alaskan couple shows what it's like living with swarms of mosquitoes

A couple living in Alaska shows what it's like living with the swarms of mosquitoes which invade the state every summer.

Wearing special veils to protect their faces, Nickolas Warner and his partner wander around outside as scores of the biting insects buzz around them and land on their clothing.

"Few people know just how terrible the mosquitoes can be at the top of the world," said Warner.

"Because the ground is flat and mostly comprised of permafrost, (permanently frozen soil) come springtime, winter snowmelt can’t be absorbed into the ground. This turn the northern part of the state into a boggy, mosquito breeding ground," he added.

"There are 35 species of mosquitoes in Alaska, and they make the Arctic a living nightmare for two to three months each summer," he concluded.

The video was filmed in the town of Coldfoot on July 4th.


By: NewsFlare (89607.00)