A young father brutally beat a neighbor because of loud music

Loud music caused severely beatings of a young man in Kiev - one of the neighbors, tired of bass coming from behind the wall, persecuted a music lover. The incident at house 14 on Kalnyshevskogo street was caught by a surveillance camera.

The neighbors managed to force the young man to open the front door with cunning: a girl called the apartment while her companion was hiding aside. As soon as the lock clicked, the words lost all meaning - a man attacked a music lover with his fists. The beating continued in the corridor, where a connoisseur of loud music missed many kicking on the head and lost the ability to resist.

"Well, have you heard enough music, I ask you ?!" - the attacker was curious at the fallen, after which he retreated.

Locals admitted that a young man named Edik had long been harassing them with loud music, but admitted that the father of the little girl had obviously gone too far in his attempt to communicate with his neighbor.

“I don’t know if the victim will bring the case to the end, but I think that if we identify the perpetrators, they will still be punished,” the woman said.



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Location: Kiev