LMPD video shows demonstrator kicking car after pretending to be hit

Louisville Metro Police released video of a situation involving demonstrators and the driver of a car on Armory Place, a few blocks away from Jefferson Square Park, on Thursday. The video shows a man pretending to be hit by the car and laying in the street before getting up and kicking the car.

Other demonstrators were in the roadway blocking the driver from leaving the area. Shortly after, LMPD Sgt. Lamont Washington said police began to fire pepper balls at the protesters from the roof of the old jail building to disperse the crowd.

Two adults were arrested. Cheyenne A. Osuala, 20, of St. Matthews, is charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. Metro police say Osuala was arrested after she wouldn’t leave the parking garage property when told to by officers.

Another demonstrator, Majik J. Madale, 22, of Louisville, is charged with wanton endangerment, fleeing or evading police and possession of a weapon of mass destruction. Madale was arrested after a short foot chase by a detective who saw him throw an explosive device, described by Halladay as a mortar firework, toward the back of the Old Jail Building.



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