Surveillance video captures fatal shooting at ATM

Surveillance showing the fatal encounter between a gunman and a customer at a North Miami Beach ATM last year.

The ATM surveillance is among a slew of court evidence being used in the prosecution of Marcine Hill.

Hill, 17, faces a second-degree murder charge in the Nov. 1 robbery and fatal shooting of Dillon Bud Calvin Steve, who was using the ATM outside a Bank of America branch.

Surveillance shows Hill approach Steve, 26, from behind and a pull out a gun. Steve steps back and slowly backs away before lunging at Hill. At some point during the struggle, Steve is shot and stumbles toward the parking lot, where his was sitting in their van. Hill runs away as Steve clutches his chest and eventually falls to the ground

Hill has been arrested 15 other times in South Florida since 2011 on various charges, including petty theft, grand theft, burglary and robbery.

Hill has been in jail without bond since his arrest. He is being charged as an adult and could face life in prison if convicted.
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