The Georgia Dominion Drop: Same Democrats, Same Mystery, Different Day.

In these two clips, we see Ossoff with 945, 050 and Perdue with 774,723. The very next time the feed from the NYT's shows Ossoff with the same 945,050 but Perdue has dropped down to 742,323. A drop of 32,400 votes.

In the next clip we see later on in the evening, Perdue is at 2,130,535 and in the next frame he drops to 2,125,535. A drop of an even 5,000 votes.

Total observable vote drop is 37,400 and Ossoff is in the lead by 27,000 votes.

These odd drops were enough to give the win and control of the nation to the democrats.


By: Low UFO (5457.00)

Tags: Vote Drop, Dominion Voting Machines, Dem Win

Location: Georgia