Sneak Peek– Election Hot Seat with Bill Whittle:

Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils?

With all the negative posts about Mitt Romney in the past two weeks,About his faith Successful business man I...just like Bill Whittle.. and a lot of others have done, started to do our own research...and the more real information we find out about him the more we like like him! that's saying something because a lot of us that didn't like him at first.
Mitt Romney will not let his faith interfere with his decision making, whereas Comrade Obama let's his Muslim religion dictate his agenda, which is to destroy America from the inside out! Although we find it entertaining how the Liberals echo the talking points and heavily edited videos from what they consider to be truthful journalism...from such low rated organizations as TYT broadcasting live for mommies basement, MSNBC's Faux news, Communist News Network not last but at the bottom Crooks and Liars.
I suggest you do your own research and not take Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Chink Manure as a good source of news.