Woman shoots into neighbor's home throws fire bomb

Del City, OK - June 10, Del City Fire Department responded to several 911 calls of a house fire on the 2300 block of Becker Place.

Once on scene firefighters found a single family home on fire with a second home on he verge of catching on fire.

DCFD said they began protecting the second home and took a defensive position on the first home due to it being condemned.

Crews were able to save the second home and then put out the fire in the first home.

When searching the condemned home firefighters found a full basement of water from a previous water pipe rupture. DCFD said that was a serious safety risk since firefighters could have easily fallen down the stairs into the 8 ft of water.

Fire investigators were called to the scene due to the home being condemned.

During the investigation investigators discovered that there was an on-going conflict between the owners of the condemned home and another neighbor.

Video surveillance from a nearby home showed the fire was intentionally set by a woman identified as Annie Durham.

Durham was arrested without incident Monday, June 17.


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Location: Oklahoma