Canadian police begin intimidating citizens for criticizing political correctness on social media.

The Ontario Provincial Police has begun intimidating Canadian citizens for criticizing political correctness - an apparent turn towards European-style thought policing on social media, something many predicted was inevitable following the election of a politically correct, left wing "social justice" party in October.

Back in February, the OPP shared an "anti-bullying" poster they created on twitter.

The post irked readers, as it implied that the OPP were were now concerning themselves with social media posts on the basis that they may untrue, unnecessary or unkind - which most feel is clearly not the OPP's jurisdiction. One twitter user asked "how do you determine necessity, and what are you going to do to people who send unnecessary communications to others?".

Twitter user Steven Taylor replied to the OPP's tweet, sarcastically saying "Citizen, your attention please, Your tweets could be breaking the law.", mocking the OPP's tweet.

Shortly after. Steven Taylor received a phone call from the OPP regarding his tweet, and accused him of "misrepresenting" their tweet.

Steven Taylor shared his experience with the OPP on twitter, and a predictable backlash ensued. Even politicians weighed in:

"Concerning on so many different levels." - Member of Parliament Dan Albas.
"Speechless, which I guess is the point". - Jason Kenney, MP and former minister of National Defense.

And now, a social media firestorm is underway. Any LL users who have twitter accounts are encouraged to voice their opinions. The link to the OPP's twitter account can be found below in the references.

Link to the original anti-bullying ad from the Ontario Provincial Police:
(archived version in case the OPP deletes the tweet:

Link to the citizen criticizing the OPP's post on twitter:

Link to the citizen announcing he was called by the OPP and intimidated criticizing their anti-bullying tweet:


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