$1000 Cash Bribe to Cop in 1995, Make 6 figures as DHS, "the American KGB"

For $1000 in 1995, I was told I could be like James Bond too, by an overweight cop who was living in his mother's basement. The apparatus for what was to become US Homeland Security was being set up after the Oklahoma City Bombing to go after Constitutional Extremists, confiscate guns, and do forced inoculations . I sent an email to an aid to the New Hampshire Governor this morning. So, admin, please let this video be posted, it is not BS, and since I alerted authorities to this video, I will take the consequences for any false information.

I called then Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd's office to report that a police officer wanted me to pay $1000 to become part of a clandestine police program to go after conservatives, gun owners, farmers, ranchers, small business owners, independent media, and potential leaders of the resistance to be gotten then, to not be a problem after the US Constitution was suspended. How do you think things worked out for me?

Dodd took was taking bribes from international bankers while on the Senate Banking Committee. Allowing the banks to almost crash the economy with major thefts during the mortgage and loan crisis. Then Attorney General Blumenthal didn't prosecute Dodd with gaggles of evident. Blumenthal now sits in Dodd's seat and is the alleged "Money Man" accountant for 9/11.

Police Captains in Methuen Massachusetts make $450,000 appointed politically. The school budget was axed to pay these "captains". Massachusetts State Troopers can make over $1,000,000 US a year! Connecticut State Police as part of DHS are paid more than $200/hour to go after political targets.


By: SvenVonErick (2041.42)

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