Breaking News: The Pro-Russian Propaganda is out of control. I cannot believe that this happened.

It is becoming clear that certain authoritarian models of government are capable of matching and, in some respects, even exceeding the accomplishments of their democratic counterparts. Whether Russia, with its dependence on energy exports and otherwise undiversified economy, should be counted among them is debatable, but there is one area in which the Russian state has so far demonstrated a clear mastery over its Western opponents: its propaganda or, to use the public relations term, its messaging.

Ironically, Russian messaging has worked by exploiting vulnerabilities in precisely those mechanisms of self-criticism and skepticism which are considered so essential to the functioning of a democratic society. The modern Western culture of self-doubt has proved particularly susceptible to manipulation in a 21st-century confrontation that strongly recalls its Cold War origins.

Within the last hour I had three pictures deleted from my article post by a LiveLeak staff member.

The information below is from the article I posted today. Three of the pictures I posted in the comment section were removed from LiveLeak by a staff member within the last two hours:

Inside A Russian Troll House: Former workers tell how hundreds of bloggers are paid to flood forums and with anti-western and pro-Kremlin comments.